Bafokeng buys Fraser Alexander

October 6, 2005

Royal Bafokeng Finance will acquire the entire shareholding in Fraser Alexander - specialist service provider to the mining industry. With Niall Carroll, chief executive of Royal Bafokeng Finance ...

LINDSAY WILLIAMS: Royal Bafokeng Finance is the non-mining investment arm of the Royal Bafokeng Nation - whose primary income is derived from its mining assets. Royal Bafokeng Finance was established in 2004 to enable the Bafokeng to reduce their reliance on mining, and to provide a diversification of benefits. Fraser Alexander was founded in 1912 to provide a tailings disposal service to the fledgling South African gold mining industry - since then Fraser Alexander’s technological advancement has raised the practice of mine residue management to a science. Niall, can you tell us about the acquisitions of Fraser Alexander - what are they, and why do you want them?

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