Xolani Qubeka: new BEE codes will compel private sector to transform faster

June 23, 2015

The new Small Business Ministry is already making a difference in developing emerging small businesses, according Xolani Qubeka, CEO of the small business institute and secretary general of the Black Business Council. He says the new Black Economic empowerment codes will compel the private sector to transform at a much faster rate. Qubeka also warns entrepreneurs, saying they should not wait for hand-outs but instead focus on the sectors they intend to grow in. - Tim Modise

The Government has made a number of pronouncements in recent times - BBBEE codes and the industrialisation policy. It's a number of things and of course, we have the major National Development Plan as well. Yet, we hear small businesses in the country complaining about lack of support from the Government and from formal businesses/established corporates in South Africa. Where do you think the problem lies?

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